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Running Coach Rates and Services

If you live in the areas of Martinsville, Danville, Franklin Co, Patrick Co, Rockingham Co or Halifax Co, you have to drive a considerable distance to meet with a running coach.

I've spent countless hours researching other coaching websites and what they have to offer in-person and virtually, and for the time and energy I will devote to helping you reach your goal, there's no better deal out there.

Gait Analysis
Running Assessment
Movement Screening

$85 2hr with 30 min follow up to go over assessment

$25 additional 30 min sessions

Gait Analysis Only

$50 with 30 min follow up

Learn More About Gait Analysis

Complementary Consultation

to discuss your running past and how coaching can benefit you.

Race Plan with Coaching (In-Person):

$129 month

What's Included:

  • Questionnaire

  • Initial Meeting (Consultation to go over Questionnaire)

  • Review Running History

  • Movement Screening

  • Gait Analysis

  • Custom individual training plans (For plan lengths, see below)

  • Strength workouts

  • Injury Prevention Strategies

  • In-person workout coaching per request

  • Guidance and Explanations for Every workout

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Plan that adapts to your progress

  • Unlimited schedule adjustments

  • Unlimited call/text/email except during family evening hours

  • Weekly 15-30 min in-person meeting/phone (if local, prefer in-person)

  • Zoom/Facebook call/Skype Availability

  • Feedback

  • Find a running partner close to your pace (if local)

  • Advice leading up to, during, and after goal race

  • Encouragement and Accountability

Race-Training Plan Lengths:

  • 8 Week Schedule: Good for those athletes who are well trained but looking to fine tune or work on their weaker areas (1 mile-10k only).

  • 12 Week Schedule: Good for experienced runners who have a good base of consistent running and are looking for the best way to peak for their goal 5k or 10k or for the beginner 5k-10k athlete.

  • 16 Week Schedule: Ideal for 5k- half marathon for beginner or intermediate runners who are looking for a solid program to get them to their race goal.

  • 20 Week Schedule: Highly recommended to allow for the most complete training and best performance. This program is good for the more experienced 5k-half marathon or the beginner marathoner.

  • 24-26 Week Schedule: Recommended for runners looking to optimize their performance with a full Macro cycle of training. Ideal for the 5k to the marathon.

Race Plan with no Coaching:

Run Support and Accountability

If you already have a plan you feel good about but need some extra support and accountability, let me help:


Unlimited text/email/chat

Monthly phone call/in-person meeting

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