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Why I Chose the Name,
The Run Garden

Running and gardening are two of my passions.  I’ve been running for about thirty years and gardening for about ten. Every year I learn something new to raise a better garden.

I am constantly learning new ideas to improve my running. In respects to both, there are times when I feel I finally figured it out only to realize that there’s more out there to learn to make the plants grow better or make me a better runner.



When you plant that tomato seed, you have faith that it will turn into this tremendous fruit-bearing plant. With the right amount of heat and moisture, a few days later you start to see something breaking through the surface.  With the right amount of sunlight, water, and nutrients, a few months later you have a plant as tall as you are bearing fruit.

I'm not Improving

In respects to running, the seeds being planted are the first miles you run.  Maybe you’ve planted your seed a long time ago, and you’re just not growing properly; in other words, you’ve been running for a long time but your running isn’t progressing. Maybe you used the wrong nutrients (improper training) and your plant isn’t producing fruit; in other words, you’re not getting faster or you’re always getting injured.


Start Your Running Journey

Allow me to offer you different nutrients to help your plant produce fruit; likewise, allow me to help you start your running journey, or to help you achieve your desired results as well as show you your new potential, whether it’s showing you better running form, strength training techniques, or create a new training plan for you.

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